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Cara Delevingne Resists Leonardo DiCaprio’s Advances at Cannes

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne / via

What follows is really gossipy but I'm on 24/7 Cara Delevingne watch mostly because I'm proud of myself for having learned how to spell her name ("ngn" —I say it under my breath every time I type it out, and it's such a satisfying, gutteral sound). 

Despite earlier rumors that Leonardo DiCaprio had invited the 20-year-old British model to Cannes as his date, the latest reports rolling out of the South of France have Cara resisting the 38-year-old actor's advances, due to what sounds like a major case of having self-esteem. 

From a Perez Hilton source:

"Normally all Leo has to do is look at a girl and they fall at his feet. Though Cara was having none of it. He spent the night chasing after her and essentially she blew him out. They spoke and he was pretty forward inviting her to a party back at his suite. They swapped numbers but that was it. He tried every trick in the book and apparently kept lunging for her but she kept dodging them. Everyone is howling at the fact she actually knocked back the biggest actor in the world. She thought he was too forward and too old."

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