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Brad Goreski Gets a Book Deal; I Cry

The breakout star of The Rachel Zoe Project, Brad Goreski, is the latest faux celebrity to score a book deal. Born to Be Brad: Life and Style Lessons from the Front Lines of Fashion will hit stores and various bookselling e-retailers next year to correspond with the debut of his Bravo reality show, It's a Brad, Brad World.

Brad Goreski

Brad is great and I celebrate his success and at least he isn't doing like Snooki and Hilary Duff and penning a novel and I'm sure he'll make his publisher lots of money and the publisher will be able to sign on a riskier, less commercially viable project because of all of that Brad money in the bank, but I'm just so sick of celebrities getting books deals.

I read a news story about a new celebrity memoir or novel pretty much once a day, but I can't remember the last time I heard about a celebrity actually reading even their own memoir. Maybe if Brad Goreski and the rest of his ilk could, from time to time, trot around a brick-sized bundle of paper as if it were the latest 'it' bag then publishers could start making money again and wouldn't have to rely on famous faces lending their names to ghostwritten tomes.

I'm just saying that the publishing industry is going about its business all wrong. Instead of signing celebrities, they need to start styling them. Olympia Le-Tan's Lolita clutch was a fine start and Victoria Beckham's latest baby name doubled book sales of To Kill a Mockingbird (I even saw an impeccably-dressed yupster couple carrying Muji bags and reading a brand new copy of the novel on the subway last weekend), but it's time to get literal. I want to see noses inside novels at the next big awards ceremony. This could seriously work. Books are pretty and they make a statement. FA-FA-FA FASHION!

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