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A Subscription to Vogue’s New Online Archive Costs $1,575

The Vogue Archive, a digitized collection of every page of every Vogue ever published is finally available, and because the fashion industry is known for making awesome things at an awesomely unaffordable price, a one-year subscription to the treasure trove of riches costs $1,575.

Vogue Archives

To be fair, the subscription isn't geared to the typical consumer: Vogue is hoping to attract fashion designers, ad agencies, historians, and other research and design professionals with its sleek interface and incredible holdings. Also, college students: ProQuest, a research database available at most universities and colleges will offer access to the entire archives, and will update each month with the latest issue of the magazine as it hits the newsstands. Anyone else thinking that now might be a good time to enroll in grad school?

A limited version of the archive will be released to the magazine's subscribers next year.

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