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Let’s Talk About the New Trendabl App

TrendablIf you're still trying to figure out a way to fill the hours in your day, I have just what you're looking for. If you've tried Facebook, if you've tried Twitter and Tumblr and Pinterest but are still experiencing a feeling of crushing emptiness where your schedule and your soul are concerned, Trendabl is here to save the day.

The new social style mobile app is just begging for your attention. Trendabl gives users the opportunity to take camera phone pics of various products, run them through filters (à la Instagram), and sort them by various metrics like type, color, brand, and store. And then what? And then all of your friends can see how much cool stuff you own/would like to own.

What makes this social style mobile app different from every other social style mobile app? It's already attracted some real bigwigs: Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, Barneys, Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Whitney Port, and Brad Goreski.

Once a product's been blessed by gods of this magnitude, you no longer need to exercise any judgement to determine whether or not you should be using it. Trendabl is your destiny, and it might be the only way to mend that gaping hole in your heart without like, meditating.

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