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Brad Pitt is the Newest Face of Chanel N°5

Brad PittEven though Chanel's never had a hard time persuading the world's most beautiful women to represent its iconic N°5 perfume — Marilyn Monroe, Catherine Deneuve, Nicole Kidman, and Audrey Tautou have all lent their faces to sell the scent — the brand's latest spokesmodel is a whole new kind of sex symbol: Brad Pitt.

Chanel confirmed the news via a rather enigmatic press release which read, in its entirety, "CHANEL has selected world renowned actor Brad Pitt to be the face of the upcoming advertising campaign for CHANEL N°5." Full stop. The brand graciously passed along the headshot on the right, because there are like, no photos of Pitt on the entire Internet. He's been so under-the-radar lately that we'd all forgotten what he looked like.

On some level, it's no surprise that Karl Lagerfeld made the surprising choice to cast a man in a campaign for the best-selling women's perfume in the world. Chanel's head designer gravitates towards the unexpected, and you could regard a good half of his career as pop culture performance art. The couturier worked with Diet Coke and Magnum ice cream; he's put strippers and porn stars on the runway; he's designed teddy bears. All of these moves turned high fashion conventions on their head. This is another send-up, but we still have to see what, exactly, Lagerfeld's lampooning. 

Image courtesy of Chanel