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Target Takeover Continues as Bullseye Marks His Territory


It’s Target news all around this week as the big box chain has opened its first store in Montreal to a crowd of socialites and celebrities. Entering the Quebec market at its Place Vertu store in Montreal, Target fashion ambassador Mitsou Gélinas, vice President Livia Zufferli, president Tony Fisher and Bullseye, Target's beloved bull terrier mascot, welcomed Coco Rocha to the red carpet as they unveiled their latest pin on the Great White map.

The following day, two more stores were given the golden scissor treatment, while another nine stores are scheduled to open in mid-October, including three in the Greater Montreal area. Let’s just say that Bullseye is marking his territory across the country, but while Target originally hinted at expanding the Canadian workforce and giving jobs to the former Zellers employees, the reality is a different story.

While at TIFF I had the chance to check out Gia Milani’s prize-winning film, All the Wrong Reasons, starring Emily Hampshire and Karine Vanasse. The film was shot on location at a Zellers, just as it was being transformed into Target, and as both the gorgeous ladies explained, they were dumbstruck when they discovered that Target had flushed out all the Zellers employees. Rather than seamlessly transitioning them into a new job at Target, the Zellers crew were made to re-apply for their previous positions against hundreds of others. I was surprised by their comments and, with some figures sourced by Global, found that more than 5,000 former Zellers workers were promised employment opportunities with the U.S. retailer, but were largely ignored.

So there’s that. The other piece of Target news I wanted to mention is a little more light-hearted as it involves their upcoming collaborations. Firstly, and I must emphasize that this is more of an international scoop, striking British designer Peter Pilotto is creating a capsule collection that will hit store this February 9th (mark your moleskins and set your alarms)! You can read more about that little pairing right here.

Secondly, and this is a purely Canadian collab, the winner of the Target Emerging Designer Awards, Melissa Nepton, has unveiled her signature collection that will finally be in the retailer's 25 Quebec stores beginning on Dec. 8.

Melissa Nepton

The 16-piece collection will range from $29.99 to $69.99 and Target Quebec spokesman Sebastien Bouchard said the designer drew inspiration from 60s-inspired silhouettes for the line. Can we say they’ve made good by supporting upcoming Canadian talent? Or is the whole Target takeover leaving you with a sour taste in your mouth? Sound off in the comment section located south! 

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