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‘The Face’ Contestant Amanda Gullickson Tells Us About Her Frederic Fekkai Makeover [Season 2, Episode 2]

[Season 2, Episode 2 of The Face aired last night and today we're recapping the episode with contestant Amanda Gullickson (you can find out more about her here). The South Carolina native has been blogging for us exclusively about the show and we encourage you to tune to Oxygen next Wednesday at 9/10 C to find out whether Amanda continues on to the next round. And be sure to check back in with theFashionSpot every Thursday, for an inside look at the previous night's episode.]

Tim Brown/Oxygen Media

Tim Brown/Oxygen Media

Only the second week and already so much has changed! This episode was a lot to digest since there was a lot going on. In the beginning we headed to the salon to get our fresh new looks. (Yes, we were all getting hair makeovers from our coach and Frederic Fekkai!!).

I remember being nervous just for the simple fact that I had no idea what they would want to do with my hair. And also that Frederic Fekkai was the man to impress. He was the man making the decision in the end and the goal is to win his eye, so no way you could object his opinion. I was just hoping there would be nothing too drastic done. I had never colored my hair or any of that, so I have never had to maintain it or worry about it getting damaged. 

There were a lot of thoughts going through my head at this point. When Lydia and I met with Frederic, I was happy with their decision, nothing too drastic was done, just some highlights and body added. It was the refreshment that I needed to give me a new edge. I know everyone was probably shocked with Ray’s transformation. She underwent the most drastic change of all the girls and handled it so well. I feel it gave her a completely new look. The short brown hair was so beautiful on her. I was happy how all of us as a team were transformed and Lydia was as well. 

When it came time for the campaign, I have to say I was shocked to hear what we would be doing. I remember thinking to myself, watching last season did not prep me for any of this because this season is on a completely different level. Ha! Being that we were going to shoot nude was a tough concept to wrap my head around. Nudes are a big part of the industry, granted they are done tastefully, but still even then I am not one who is for them. I was so thankful we were able to wear the thongs and pasties and even though we come across very naked, I did have those on. 

Amanda-Gullickson-MTo feel your body in that bare state is something special and sacred that not the whole world should have access to. That is just my personal opinion, nothing against people who do them because they can be so beautiful, but personally, it is just not my thing. So the pasties, thong, and fact of having the other girls to help cover me was definitely a comfort. As I say these things, most of you are probably like, what? Because I did seem to come across very comfortable during the shoot. My critique was even that I was TOO sexy, but hey if that’s the worst thing I did, I will take it! Ha. I think of myself as a chill, goofy girl so it's hard for me to see this extra sexy vibe everyone else does, but I’m glad it shows because I do plan to pursue the Victoria's Secret, Sports Illustrated kind of world which requires sex appeal. 

I am so thankful Lydia saw my potential and did not send me into the elimination room after Naomi's team won again. It was really nerve-wracking to know it was between me and Nakisha. I am just so glad that I spoke up for myself. It is important to always know what you are bringing to the table and be confident in it. This elimination was probably the most emotional considering all of the events leading up to it. It was hard for us as a team losing Nakisha, and really for all of the girls. It was hard seeing her have to go like that but now we just have to stay strong and focus on winning so next time we can all stay!

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