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Pharrell Williams’ G-Star RAW Line Wins Top Honors at Cannes Lions

Image: Ivan Nikolov/

Image: Ivan Nikolov/

By now, so many people are enthralled by Pharrell Williams and his music making, ageless, weird hat-wearing self, that at this point, they're just showering him with some kind of praise–especially in the realm of fashion. So it should come as little surprise that Williams' efforts as creative director of Bionic Yarn and official G-Star collaborator would win him a few honors.

The producer just snapped up two awards at the Cannes Lions festival, the first for his "24 Hours of 'Happy'" video, and another for his RAW for the Oceans denim label, which collected the Grand Prix for the festival's very first Product Design award. 

A collaboration with G-Star RAW, the range is made from fabric crafted from ocean debris. This past season, they got together with Bionic Yarn, which makes material out of old plastic bottles. In this collab, Bionic Yarn supplied bottles made from recycled ocean plastic. The partnership is almost too perfect to be real. Kind of like Pharrell, who still may or may not be a vampire…