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Hey, Girl: Introducing theFashionSpot’s NYFW #JaredLetoWatch



Fashion Week is a mere two days away! We’re gearing up to bring you all the inside and behind-the-scenes action at the shows, presentation and parties. But we must confess, what we’re most looking forward to aren’t the events or the beautiful collections – it’s the possibility of having an encounter with Jared Leto.

The celeb set is expected to be out in full force all through NYFW, as they always are. Pharrell Williams will fête his G-Star RAW for the Oceans collection, Britney Spears is unveiling her Intimates collection and Russell Simmons is presenting his ArgyleCulture menswear line. But there is no celebrity we’re more excited to see than Mr. Leto, whom we’re naming as our NYFW spirit guide. We intend to monitor his every move through the shows in hopes that he comes and talks to us/ takes us on a date at PJ Clarke’s/ decides to be BFFs with us forever. If it’s one thing we know, it’s that Jared Leto loves fashion and flirting with models – and Fashion Week is the perfect opportunity for the actor to revel in both.

We’re happy to announce our NYFW #JaredLetoWatch, and we can think of no better way to celebrate than with a video of Leto gently whispering sweet nothings to us. iHeartRadio caught up with the actor for “Hey Girl,” in which they recruit him to recite cheesy pick-up lines for the camera – it’s like he’s speaking directly to us.

Honestly, no one else could holla at us so awkwardly (with that beard, no less) and make us swoon. Oh Jared, we hope that you whisper these exact sweet nothings to us as we stalk follow you all week.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for all our Leto sightings during #JaredLetoWatch!

[h/t iHeartRadio YouTube]