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Apple Watch Debuts in Vogue China

With the impending release of its first wearable, Apple has been steadily courting the fashion set. The company invited members of the fashion community to the unveiling of its Apple Watch and even held a few events at Paris Fashion Week last month promoting the new device. The tech giant’s “chicifying” of the timepiece continues, since Apple Watch is prominently featured on the cover of November’s Vogue China.

Image: Vogue

Liu Wen, who is rumored to be appearing in Apple’s forthcoming campaign for the wearable, is pictured in a multi-stripe knit frock with the watch prominently displayed on her wrist. The accompanying spread features her wearing various outfits accessorized with the watch with a few of its (many) different bands. 

Indeed, Vogue China is probably one of the best fashion magazines to choose for this big editorial debut. As Editor-in-Chief Angelica Cheung pointed out to The Business of Fashion“Chinese people are actually very digitally minded and we embrace new technology and digital products more easily than perhaps people elsewhere. We are an ancient country but at the same time a very young country when it comes to fashion and new products. We love to embrace everything that is new, modern and positive.” 

Considering the reaction so far to the watch, the move makes a lot of sense. As the Verge reported last month at Apple’s Colette Paris unveiling, a few fashionistas there were less-than-impressed by the new device. Given China’s penchant to adopt what is new and next on the tech front, it is kind of a match made in heaven for Apple and Vogue

Still, it will be interesting to see if and how the fashion community at large embraces the Apple Watch. Google Glass is another tech company flirting with fashion — it recently released versions of its device with stylish frames designed by Diane von Furstenberg at Net-a-Porter. But we think that in order for Apple Watch to get the kind of loving reception that, say, its iPhone does from the fashion industry, it’s going to have to be at least easy to use. The style component it’s got covered, but if the device doesn’t boast the type of user-friendly interface the tech giant is known for, it might not catch on in the way the brand hopes.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens as Apple rolls out the device next year.

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