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Watch: Karl Lagerfeld’s Newest Choupette Video Will Brighten Your Day

You could use a pick-me-up this gloomy Thursday morning, and you’re about to get one courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld and his famous kitty Choupette. At this point, pretty much everyone has become obsessed with the Chanel designer’s feline and with good reason — Choupette is a beautiful cat. So beautiful, she’s getting her own makeup line, which is more than most cat owners can say about their feline friends. 

The Internet is full of cat videos, but this one may be one of our favorites. Lagerfeld recorded a video via iPad mini of his Choupette doing regular kitty and yes, it’s really entertaining and cute. Who knew watching a cat eat wet food and paw at a pompom could be so entertaining? Watch Ms. Choupette in action above. We swear it’ll make your day that much better.

[via The Coveteur]