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Nike Plans to Release ‘Back to the Future Part II’ Sneaker This Year

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

We may not be flying around on hoverboards everywhere, but at least one aspect of the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II will be a reality. Nike has confirmed it plans to release a version of Marty McFly’s Nike Air MAG high-top sneakers this year, which happens to be the same year McFly travels to in the movie. 

The shoes, equipped with light-up detailing, are a replica of what Michael J. Fox’s character wore in the film. Nike released a version of the shoes in 2011 to help benefit The Michael J. Fox Foundation, putting about 1,500 pairs of the shoes up for auction on eBay. One huge feature of the shoes were the self-tying power laces, for which Nike filed a patent. The 2011 version of the sneaker did not include the self-tying laces, but Nike is hoping to add that feature for this year’s release.

No one yet knows when the shoes will officially drop. Tinker Hatfield, Nike’s innovation chief, noted that 2015 has only just begun, so there is plenty of time left in the year to release the shoe. Now, can someone get us a Delorean and some plutonium? 

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