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Riccardo Tisci on Being One of the First Designers to Accept Kim Kardashian

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Designers may be scrambling to dress Kim Kardashian now, but there was a time when the fashion set turned up their noses at the thought of seeing the reality star in their clothes. These days, well…now we have Kim and her nearly exposed lady flower prancing about for LOVE magazine in Prada duds. But there is one designer who was always down for the reality star, partially because he was already homies with her husband. We are speaking, of course, of Riccardo Tisci, who explained to Details why he put her in his clothes when no one else would.

Tisci noted that at the time, Kim was accepted “by nobody. And she’s a sweet girl. And Kanye and me, we did it together. Every designer is dying to dress her now,” he said. “I didn’t care what people thought about Kim. In the beginning, I met her because of my respect for Kanye, and then I liked her a lot and we became friends. I got killed because of this. But I didn’t care. That is a friend, you see. And this is why, when they got married, they asked me to dress them.”

Thank you, Mr. Tisci, for your part in creating the Kimye fashion monster. 

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