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Katie Grand Helps Make Sense of Kendall Jenner’s Popularity

Kendall Jenner Red Carpet

Image: WENN

In what seems like no time, Kendall Jenner has gone from “Oh, she’s a model?” to being one of the most in-demand faces in the industry. She’s graced campaigns for Marc Jacobs, Givenchy and Karl Lagerfeld and is one of Estée Lauder’s newest ambassadors. Things are going great for Kendall, partially because of the goodwill of Katie Grand, who has taken quite a liking to the young reality star, helping her to book several fashion shows and fill the pages of LOVE magazine.

Grand spoke to to make sense of the model’s success. “This season, at Marc, we had to make sure her fitting was done in a room with blinds, as the paparazzi had camped out on the roof opposite the studio to try and get a shot of her,” she said. “In all my years being a stylist and working with the likes of Kate and Naomi, I have never known the paps to try and get a shot of a fitting with a long lens from across the street.”

And there you have it, the reason why Kendall is likely not going anywhere anytime soon. Tabloid fodder is simply a currency too valuable to pass up.