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Zoolander and Hansel Just Slayed the Valentino Runway

For any member of the fashion set wondering what it would be like if Zoolander wasn’t a film but a real-life situation, you’re in for a treat. Fictional model Derek Zoolander and his nemesis-turned-BFF Hansel took the runway together at today’s Valentino show at Paris Fashion Week. Mr. Zoolander (Ben Stiller) rocked a navy blue butterfly brocade suit and Hansel (Owen Wilson) sported a fetching pair of silken pajama separates. Both fellas’ looks were completed with a coat slung over their shoulders.

They say art imitates life and there have been moments where even we wondered if we were living in a scene from a Zoolander movie. The film is supposed to be a parody, but sometimes, as we know, satire can seem all too much like reality. We love the folks at Valentino for bringing the epic walk-off scene in Zoolander kinda-sorta to life.

The pair took the runway to announce the forthcoming Zoolander 2  movie which they are reportedly currently filming in Rome. We wonder if Derek and Hansel’s turn on the catwalk will be included in the film?

 [h/t @voguemagazine]