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69,000 People Do Not Want Kanye West Playing at Glastonbury

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

After years of groveling, Kanye West has finally gotten at least a few members of the fashion set to give him all the pats on the head he’s been begging for. All it took was a little sucking up. But as he gains fans in the fashion world, he’s losing fans in the music world.

The rapper is scheduled to headline the Glastonbury Festival this summer alongside the Foo Fighters and Lionel Richie (random, but OK), but not everyone is pleased about it. A petition is calling for the rapper to be removed from the Glastonbury lineup. 

“Kanye West is an insult to music fans all over the world,” the petition, authored by Neil Lonsdale reads. “We spend hundreds of pounds to attend Glasto, and by doing so, expect a certain level of entertainment.” The petition references Yeezy’s awards show outbursts over musicians winning awards over some of his personal friends (like Beyoncé), and asks the rapper to open up and choke down a taste of his on medicine. “Kanye has been very outspoken on his views on music… he should listen to his own advice and pass his headline slot on to someone deserving! Let’s prevent this musical injustice now!”

The petition is already over 69,000 signatures strong and quickly nearing its 75,000 goal. Londsdale told NME he initially started the petition as a joke, but it looks like people are genuinely feeling his sentiments since it has already garnered so many signatures. As for the rest of the singers? Well, they just aren’t into Kanye’s attitude in general. 

Several supporters of the petition offered reasons why they were signing.”Kanye West represents all that is bad with the current cult of celebrity – he gains notoriety by acting like a complete tool – he disrespects all other musical forms except his own (and maybe Beyoncé),” one signer wrote. “The more people book him and listen to him will only encourage him and his ilk to line their pockets by acting like tools.”

Perhaps the most succinct and response to the petition: “He’s a gay fish.”

We doubt that Glastonbury will change their decision to have Mr. West take the stage. Besides, this overwhelming response is just ripe for an onstage monologue from Yeezy on how festival goers don’t respect his artistry. Who would want to miss that? Or, better yet, a possible encore of this: 

But whether you’re for or against Kanye, his performance will be an interesting one indeed. 

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