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Tom Ford on Objectifying Women (and Men)

tom ford fall 2015 runway

Image: WENN

Tom Ford has been criticized in the past for his sexually-charged depiction of scantily-clad (or, you know, naked) women in his campaigns. But though some people may find his depiction of women sexist, Ford says that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, he says he has no problem giving men the same treatment in his campaigns. 

“I’ve been criticised for objectifying women. But I’m an equal opportunity objectifier – I’m just as happy to objectify men,” explains the designer. Ford says that society’s attitudes toward male nudity are what creates this unequal climate. “The thing is, you can’t show male nudity in our culture in the way you can show female nudity. We’re very comfortable as a culture exploiting women, but not men. But I don’t think of it as exploitation [either way].”

Ford says that whether or not his female models are naked, he pictures them as strong, self-determined women who are empowered and do as they please. “There’s nothing stronger and more powerful than a beautiful woman. I don’t think expressing what nature intended you to be is anything but powerful,” he says. “My women are not sitting there waiting for someone, they’re taking charge. Doesn’t matter whether they’re naked – they’re powerful, they’re smart, and you’re not going to get them if they don’t want you.”

[via The Guardian]