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Net-a-Porter to Launch New Social Shopping App Next Week

The Net Set

Image: The Net Set

Net-a-Porter is expanding its mobile presence with a new app launching soon that combines shopping and social media. The Net Set, coming to the iTunes App store May 13 will allow users to create a profile, “like” wares from the Net-a-Porter website and see what other users around the world are liking. You can also post your own images, for which the app will help you find “style matches,” or goods available at Net-a-Porter that are similar or related. It’s like making your own personal mood board come to life. Which, if you’re a shopping addict, could turn out to be a huge problem for your wallet!

The app will also allow you to follow, or as they say “admire” other users and keep up with their personal style. You can choose to browse incognito or offer up your picks to the opinions of your admirers. Brands will also have their own pages and in-app purchases, naturally will be available. The app boasts that it allows you to shop with “the most stylish people in the world” and will be available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, with an Android launch date expected for the future. 

So far, the Net Set community has 15,000 members who have already joined (thanks to beta testing) and now they’re opening it up to the rest of us through a web portal where you can request an invitation. It’s clear that Net-a-Porter is looking for an edge in the mobile market and this could certainly provide it. The company has been going through many changes, just recently announcing a merger with luxury e-tailer Yoox. It seems the group is trying to make some serious innovative moves in the mobile sector and this app could help the company solidify their footing in the mobile shopping market. There are already shopping apps with Instagram-esque formats like Spring, but the Net Set’s photo recognition feature, combined with the Net-a-Porter name could give the app an edge over its competitors.

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