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WATCH: Pop Roulette Skewers Body Acceptance Hypocrites in This Hilarious Music Video

We can all agree that body acceptance is a great thing. For a long time, women with physiques that don’t match the mainstream ideal (tall, thin, white) have been dissed and degraded, so it’s wonderful to see women celebrating their bodies as they naturally are. But sometimes, people miss the mark and get a little carried away with self-love, turning their expressions of confidence into an excuse to create a new hierarchy of “acceptable” bodies.

Pop Roulette created a music video touching on this trend in which they come to “tell you that all bodies are beautiful… unless you’re thin, then you are disgusting.” It’s a commentary on hypocritical body positivity supporters who label larger bodies as “real,” as if thin women are some kind of made-up phenomenon. 

Of course, it’s not easy for women who don’t fit the mainstream ideal of an “acceptable” body and thin women don’t necessarily need more validation. But shaming and excluding smaller women (who can’t help the way they’re built)  from the body acceptance campaign kind of defeats its purpose. After all, thinness, though it is the ideal for a certain segment of the population, isn’t considered beautiful in all parts of society.

Watch the hilarious parody in the video above.

[via Mashable]