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Acne Studios Wants You to Support Gender Equality with Pricey Feminist Sweatshirts

Woman Power Acne Studios

Image: Acne Studios

Women’s equality is so hot right now – just ask Taylor Swift or any of the many other celebrities and brands (we’re looking at you, Chanel) throwing their support behind the social movement. These days, it seems that everyone wants to be a feminist and just as art imitates life, fashion also follows suit.

Acne Studios is the latest fashion label to show just how much they love us ladies with their Fall 2015 menswear collection. The label is selling sweatshirts, scarves and sweaters emblazoned with pro-woman, feminist slogans and patches. And in this case, solidarity don’t come cheap. The pieces are pricey – a knit sweater with patches reading “gender equality” and “radical feminist” will set you back $650. A “radical feminist” scarf (promoted as unisex) is $220. For a sweatshirt, you can prepare to shell out between $220 and $300. But since men make a dollar for every seventy-eight cents a woman makes (a disparity that grows if you’re a woman of color), saving up for one of these will be slightly easier if you’re a fella. 

[h/t Jezebel]