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Chanel’s Spring 2015 Mock Riot

Chanel Spring 2015

Image: Bustle

On Tuesday morning at the Grand Palais in Paris, designer Karl Lagerfeld held a mock riot for his Spring 2015 show. For the finale, a troupe of leggy models led by Gisele Bündchen marched down the runway, brandishing signs that read slogans like “Make Fashion, Not War,” “Free Freedom,” “Votez Coco” and “Féministe mais Feminine.” On megaphones, the clarion call rang: “What do we want? Tweed!” 

The previous night, in Kharkiv, pro-Ukraine protesters toppled a statue of Lenin, a looming symbol of Soviet rule, after months of turmoil.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of citizens in Hong Kong are staging pro-democracy riots in an attempt to be able to elect their highest leader, the chief executive, by popular vote.

We’ll let you put that into perspective.