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Joe’s Jeans Introduces Pants That Will Charge Your Phone

Joes Jeans #hello

Image: @joesjeans

The pockets on women’s jeans usually aren’t even deep enough to hold the smallest of iPhones, yet the folks at Joe’s Jeans expect us to charge our phones with their jeans. That’s right – the denim brand has released a range of jeans called the #Hello line and each style has a secret compartment that fits a battery. Near the compartment is a special pocket for your iPhone, You hook your phone to the battery, slip it into the special charging pocket and voilà! You’ll never spontaneously run out of battery life again – so you’ll have to figure out another excuse for ignoring all those texts. 

The catch? The battery is not included when you buy the denim. The jeans will set you back $189 and you will have to shell out another $49 for the battery. Hey, no one ever said convenience would come cheap. 

Head over to Joe’s Jeans to get yourself a pair.

[via ELLE]