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Coming Soon: MasterCard Wants You to Use a Selfie to Pay for Mobile Purchases

MasterCard is making the case for more selfies with a new technology that could revolutionize the way we mobile shop. The credit card company is developing “Selfie Pay,” which is exactly what you think it is. If you make a purchase on your smartphone, the technology will allow you to take a selfie in order to verify your identity. Facial recognition software will size up your selfie against an image MasterCard will already have on file to be sure that you’re the one making the purchase.

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The technology is being tested with First Tech Credit Union employees with fake accounts and fake money, but if the method of payment winds up becoming a thing, we think it would make a great premise for a second edition of Kim Kardashian’s selfie book. Imagine – Kim’s payment selfie on one page, the next, the corresponding expensive things she bought with said selfie. You’re welcome in advance, Ms. Kardashian-West.

[via Business Insider]