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Watch: Celebrate Movember with 100 Years of Men’s Hairstyles in 2 Minutes

As our current obsession with full beards proves, men enjoy hair trends too. In fact, in the last 100 years, men’s hairstyles have transformed dramatically, getting longer and fuller with each passing decade. In a new video for Watchcut, model/hearthrob Samuel Orson demonstrates the evolution of hairstyles from greased down hair and middle parts in the 20s to 50s pompadours to the free-spirited long hair of the 70s and beyond.

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While we’re partial to the glorious man bun of the 2010s, Orson says his favorite decade was the 90s “just because I idolize Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl and it felt good to [look like] a mix of them.” Orson, who usually wears a man bun and beard, agreed to cut his hair for the clip. Since the WatchCut team wanted to use Orson’s natural hair without extensions, they shot the decades out of sequence from the longest hair look to the shortest.

Debuting just in time for #Movember, the clip is a collaboration with The Movember Foundation, a global charity created to raise awareness about mens health. Feel free to contribute to the cause by making Orson your #MCM every week. You know, for charity.

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