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Tyra Banks Is Saving Lives With Her New Eyeshadow Kit

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Tyra Banks has already done so much for mankind. She taught us how to smize, created America’s Next Top Model, gave us a daily dose of Chrissy Teigen’s humor on her talk show and the list goes on. She’s continuing to use her powers for good with a campaign that sells eyeshadow and, get this, fights cigarette smoking.

“Smoke Your Eyes, Not Cigarettes” is a new collaboration between Tyra Beauty and truth, the organization behind all those scary anti-smoking commercials. It features a Smoky Smize kit ($89) with a mascara, lipstick, eye highlighter, eyeshadow palette and a limited-edition makeup bag that reads, “The only things I smoke are my eyes.” The palette, brilliantly dubbed the “Smoky Smize,” includes four wet/dry smoky shades with names like “Light ‘Em Up” and “Smolder,” and a unique angled brush. Using the Smoky Smize palette, shoppers are encouraged to give themselves a “TYover” (duh a Tyra makeover) for the holidays and recreate her “Sexy Smokeshow” look.

Tyra Banks Eyeshadow: Smoke Your Eyes, Not Cigarettes

“During my modeling career, never did I once light up a cigarette,” said Tyra, who lost her grandmother to complications from tobacco use. “There was enough ‘smoke’ around my eyes… I didn’t need any in my lungs.” Pick up Tyra’s kit here and smize for a good cause this holiday season.

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