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Jessica Hart Doesn’t Call Australia Home: ‘I Feel Terrible Saying It’

Jessica Hart at Glamour Awards

Photo: WENN

Most of our home-grown expats live and make something of themselves overseas, but, at the end of the day, will always call Australia home. Not model Jessica Hart though, who, despite her ambassadorship at Aussie airline Qantas, has revealed that New York is where her heart is.

“Here is home,” Jessica explained of the Big Apple to Conflicts. “I used to always refer to Australia as home. And I feel terrible saying it, but now it really is home here. I mean ten years; it’s a pretty good effort,” the 29-year-old continued.

Feeling at home isn’t just about where you rest your head at night, though, with the Vogue cover girl also explaining that New York allows her to embrace her individuality more than Australia ever did. “New York’s got this thing where it allows you to be yourself,” the Sydney-born beauty revealed. “Unique people are the kind who get noticed here. At home you were always trying to conform, and here I kind of felt free to be myself. Or at least wear jeans and converse instead of heels and makeup to a casting.”

Way to break our hearts, Jess!

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