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21 Questions With… Model and Entrepreneur Jessica Hart

Jessica Hart

Jessica Hart; Image: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

Australian model Jessica Hart has walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (somewhat controversially), appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and has worked with a long list of brands during her decade-long career, including Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Max Mara. Known for her gap-tooth smile, Hart is currently focused on her beauty venture, Luma, a growing range of skin care products and makeup. We caught up with the Aussie beauty and asked her our quickfire questions

  1. The first thing I do in the morning is… think, “Where am I?” Well, I did this morning. I’m in Cabo. Second thought is “coffee,” then I go through my phone, email and texts before I can get out of bed.
  2. The last thing I googled was… something about continuity bloopers in movies.
  3. If my days had one extra hour… I’d read more.
  4. The best (surprising) beauty advice I ever received was… wash my face less. Too many soapy products strip your skin’s natural oils AND let my skin breathe from any products at all every once in a while. Constantly moisturizing stops our body from producing our own natural oils, too.
  5. My desert island beauty product is… my LUMA beach body oil and sunscreen.
  6. When I hear that girls/women are down on themselves because they can’t live up to the image models project… I would ask them to look inside. Happiness is found on the inside, which coincidentally, is where beauty lives.
  7. When I’m stressed… I stop. Take a breath. Hang out with Floyd @theadventuresoffloyd.
  8. When my self-confidence has taken a hit… I try to look at why my ego is holding onto that belief of myself and remind myself it doesn’t matter.
  9. My guilty pleasure is… junk food.
  10. My most memorable career highlight was… shooting my first Vogue cover for Australian Vogue. I couldn’t believe Vogue was going to put me on the cover!
  11. When it comes to working out… I mix it up. Try everything.
  12. A career achievement I’m dying to check off is… I’d love to shoot for French Vogue. I’m also dying to start a fashion line.
  13. If you looked at my desktop you’d see… a photo of me and my sister, Ashley Hart.
  14. My most memorable travel experience… might happening right now in Cabo.
  15. I’m dying to splurge on… supercars and hotels.
  16. One thing people don’t realize about the fashion industry is… that it’s nowhere near as vicious as people seem to think.
  17. My favorite place to shop is… Amazon.
  18. The best advice for looking great in a photo is… find your light and direct your chin at it.
  19. My most treasured possession is… my Patek Philippe watch is up there.
  20. My biggest fashion regret is… dressing how I thought I was meant to instead of what I’m comfortable in. NYC has given me the freedom to find my true fashion sense, but you have to give everything a go to know what you feel most comfortable in.
  21. One thing I wish people knew about me is… I’m a true tomboy at heart.

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