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Eric Andre Starts #FreeThePenis Movement With Naked Instagram Photos

Instagram’s nude policy has its share of critics. The censorship police famously went to war with Rihanna after she posted her topless Liu Magazine shoot, even prompting the pop star to delete her account for a while.

That exchange sparked the #FreeTheNipple movement as women and men rallied for the chance to expose their nipples with abandon. Photos of topless men were ignored while nipple-bearing pics posted by Miley Cyrus, Chrissy Teigen and Scout Willis were immediately deleted. Sexist, much?

Comedian Eric Andre is shedding light on Instagram’s censorship double standard. He posted two photos with his penis on full display, and both pics still appear on the app over 13 hours later. Perhaps the censorship police haven’t noticed Andre’s posts yet since the captions are pretty tame (“I scared the monkeys away #shrinkage” reads the first, and the second simply says “#betterdays”). Perhaps they’re still on vacation from the holidays. Or maybe penises simply aren’t as offensive as women’s nipples. Who knows?

In the meantime, we’ll just hope the #FreeThePenis movement catches on to other celebrities. Just to prove our point about censorship, of course.

UPDATE: The images were removed from Instagram after approximately 18 hours.

[via Complex]