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Kanye Blocked Kylie From Landing a $1 Million Puma Deal


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When Kanye West married into the Kardashian family, the sisters must have signed a contract saying they can only work with Yeezy-approved brands. That’s the only way to explain the outspoken rapper’s latest rant in which he chastised Puma for approaching Kylie Jenner for an ambassador role.

Shame on them for thinking Kylie Jenner had the authority to work with any brand she chooses. Yes, she modeled for both seasons of Yeezy’s clothing line but she’s also worked with several other fashion brands from PacSun to Topshop. She even designs her own shoes. Nonetheless, Kanye sees Puma’s perfectly reasonable request as an attempt to “divide the family.”

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Kylie must turn down a “measly” million dollar deal to prove her loyalty to Kim’s husband. Imagine having to forfeit millions just so there’s no tension at Sunday dinner.

For now, it seems like Kanye is getting his way. But we have a feeling he’ll eat his words once momager Kris Jenner finds out.

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