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Full Body Blackout Tattoos Are the Latest Trend in Body Art


New “Blackout” tattoo trend. Always want to be black but don’t want to be BLACK. #Blackout #BlackoutTattoo

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When you think of bold tattoos, certain types of body art come to mind: ink that spans up the arm or across the back, for example. The latest trend in body art makes those tats look like elementary school doodles. Blackout tattoos that cover a large portion of the skin in black ink have been gaining popularity on Instagram.


@robfieldertattooer started this half arm black out today! #northsidetattooz #newcastle #theprivaterooms #blackouttattoo

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Of course, black ink has been used throughout history and across cultures. But social media has recently taken a liking to the bold form of body art. Search the hashtag #BlackOutTattoo and you’ll find over a thousand posts with black ink design ideas.


#freehanddesigned #tribaltattoo #blackworktattoo #tribalblack #freehandtattoo #blackouttattoo #benihbumitattoo

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Tattoo enthusiasts love blackout ink for more than just its eye-catching look. Chester Lee, a tattoo artist based in Singapore who specializes in blackout body art, tells MIC that clients request it to cover unwanted tattoos. Think of it as the tattoo equivalent of scribbling over a drawing in your notebook, just a bit more painful.


I’m Deciding To Blackout Most All The Tattoos On My Left Arm, Cheaper Than Laser Tattoo Removal. #BlackoutTattoo

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“Pain-wise, I am sure it hurts a lot,” Chester admits. “It takes numerous hours to finish a proper black piece,” as it needs “to be evened out black with no visible blank spots.” We think “hurt” is an understatement. But for the #blackouttattoo fans on Instagram, the pain is clearly worth it.


Leg goals #blackouttattoo

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Imagine how torturous removal would be. This is one tattoo trend you can count us out of.

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