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This New Tattoo Trend Is the Perfect Way to Celebrate the Queen That You Are

John Michel Basquiat used crowns to signify his ambition, his own majestic power and that of the figures he admired. Now, some spurred on by body positive Australian mommy blogger Constance Hall, others by the pulse of popular lexicon, women on Instagram are borrowing from Basquiat and performing their own self-coronations — in the form of tattoos.


Our crown tattoo game is strong Nobody fucks with Queens

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Constance Hall, who boasts over 100,000 Instagram followers, is one of those inspirational women who seeks to empower other females in their orbit by reminding them they are strong queens and deserve to be treated as such. (Side note: One of our favorite moments on television this past year was when Broad City’s Ilana, while tearfully telling her bestie Abbi of a breakup with her open relationship partner Lincoln, rather than jealously cutting down his new, monogamous partner, referred to her as “a queen, just like us.”) Constance constantly celebrates her followers’ magnificence, titling her blog Queens of Constance and her book Like a Queen.

One of Constance’s supporters, while struggling with reproductive difficulties, decided to immortalize her feelings of strength and self-love in ink.

Hall co-signed the idea, posting a photo of her own freshly-inked crown later that day, attesting, “Being a Queen is not only a commitment to support the shit out of other Queens but also one to yourself…To recognize your inner rad bitch and never stop loving her.” More and more of Constance’s fans have followed suit, posting their own regal tattoos, often alongside stories of personal strife and perseverance.

In the words of one such woman, “I got this tattoo today to remind myself that all the times I’m a mess, all the times I’m an emotional wreck, all the times I hold my head in my hands wondering why I’m such a fuck up of a person. That in fact I am a queen, a woman that has been dented, a woman that has faced hardship a woman that has been to the lowest of the low and a woman that is still fighting. Fighting for herself, her child and their happiness. To all the queens out there keep going, you can do it, never underestimate your strength.”

Now, an ink-fueled revolution is underway. A quick search for #crowntattoo on Instagram yields close to 31,000 examples (some subtler than others). 


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(P.S. Crowns may very well be the next mustaches when it comes to finger tattoos.)

What do you think? Does this tattoo trend merit a Johnny Versayce-worthy “Yassss Queen!” or is it royally senseless?

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