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Watch: Kylie Jenner Gets Rowdy in the First Fall 2016 #WangSquad Campaign Teaser

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Last season, we watched via Steven Klein’s camera as twenty-one of Alexander Wang’s closest friends — artists, models, musicians — frolicked around downtown Manhattan, doing laundry, bagel shopping, committing late-night debauchery.

For the California native’s Fall 2016 ad campaign, the #WangSquad (now twenty-three strong) hit the West Coast. And if the video Kylie Jenner posted on Instagram last night is any indication, they’re about to give us athleisure acolytes a glimpse into a very different world — that of the Los Angeles-based celebrity.

The first campaign teaser, in keeping with last year’s viral vids, features the musical stylings of Skrillex. In it, the crew (Katie Moore, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Issa Lish, Alice Metza, Kylie Jenner, Tyga, Anna Ewers and the aforementioned producer) gathers for a party in a marble-filled mansion. Kylie and Tyga sneak off to a nearby bathroom where Ewers, already inside checking her makeup, starts grinding on Kylie as Tyga looks on, smiling and sipping champagne.

Provocative? Yes. The tip of the iceberg? Probably. If Alexander Wang’s sprawling Spring 2016 ad campaign has taught us anything, it’s that one Instagram post does not a #WangSquad project make. “I started thinking about the movie 200 Cigarettes—that’s a favorite movie of mine—and I love that idea of all these different mini stories all converging at the end,” Wang told Vogue back in March, when the inaugural #WangSquad reel hit Instagram.

“The point was to show authenticity behind what they’re wearing,” he continued. “They’re the ones really sharing this content first on their own Instagram or wherever, and we wanted it to feel like it was their story, and they felt like what they were wearing captured who they really are. I think that authenticity reads to the audience.” His words hold true today. After all, a Monday night mansion party does sound pretty par for the course in the life of Kylie Jenner.

Wang, we are the Tyga to your orgy of content.

[ via Fashionista ]

[Update 9/30/16]: The Director X-lensed mayhem continues…