Top 10 Most Memorable Celebrity Halloween Looks

Heidi Klum is probably the celebrity best known for her commitment to going all-out on Halloween—and she certainly does bring some stiff competition to the table. But with parties getting glitzier each year, she's not the only person with an elaborate ensemble to go to for some costume inspiration.

Only the queen of craft, Martha Stewart, could outshine Blake Lively’s sexy take on Cleopatra, when the Gossip Girl star stopped by The Martha Stewart Show. No comment on just how fitting it is that Martha Stewart dressed up as Medusa, known for being a female monster in Greek mythology.  And do you recognize this little mermaid? It’s none other than fashion designer Christian Siriano posing in a Kim Zolciak-worthy flaming red wig.

Couple costumes make many cringe, but Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s milk-and-cookies concept is undeniably cute. Now if only Mariah had worn pants… And who knew that Roberto Cavalli could be Karl Lagerfeld’s doppelganger?

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman dressed as a couple from beyond the grave: an eerie foreshadow of their recent divorce? Perhaps, but there’s no denying the appeal of a corpse bride wearing a frou frou pink wig. 

Leave it to funny woman Ellen Degeneres to have the guts to dress up like Jennifer Lopez “pretending she’s not pregnant” back in 2007.

Given that her day-to-day looks can often veer on the costume-y, the easy and funny sunny-side-up egg costume that Gwen Stefani opted for is a winner. Katy Perry dressed up as Queen front-man Freddie Mercury, proving that she can pay homage to an icon while keeping her sex appeal in check—even when sporting a moustache.

Rachel Zoe was one of the most popular costumes of 2008 and 2009.  If you’re going for something more commonplace, having an unexpected sidekick is key.  In Kelly Ripa’s case, having Regis Philbin dressed as Brad Goreski by her side made the look unexpectedly unique. Saving the best for last, Heidi Klum showed true devotion (à la Tobias Fünke), when she covered herself in blue paint to go as an Indian goddess. As usual, Klum hit all the marks. She showcased her amazing figure, and was considered a “goddess” for the night.  However, she also stuck to the scary premise of Halloween by dressing as Kali, a killer goddess with fingers and little shrunken heads dangling from her body.

Still not inspired? We hear that Snooki is going as a pickle for Halloween 2010…