Anne Hathaway Pays Astronomical Fees to Rachel Zoe; Chuck Bass Hearts Blair Waldorf 4evr

Anne Hathaway Golden Globes 2011NYFW is a hair's breadth away, but there's another major fashion event on the horizon: the 2011 Oscars. Anne Hathaway might be keeping Rachel Zoe very busy (the co-host plans to change her dress eight times over the course of the awards show), but the pregnant stylist will be handsomely rewarded. A source at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences contends that Zoe's fee is "astronomical" – approximately what L'Wren Scott spent on the entire 2000 Oscars as the fashion coordinator. (Note: "Scott had orchestra trumpeters wearing custom Donna Karan.")

We can only hope that The Rachel Zoe Project camera crews are around to capture every single one of the uberstylist's imminent pregnancy-induced nervous breakdowns. [Fashionista]

Swapping your hair color might be a risk, but sometimes it pays off, like when California girl Lauren Conrad switched out her golden locks for a brunette 'do. Click through to check out other starlets that braved a color transformation, not always for the best (Emma Stone: I'm looking at you!) [StyleBakery]

If you heard the rumors that Ed Westick was planning to leave Gossip Girl, feel free to exhale. Chuck Bass is staying on at the popular teen soap, and even though his current love affair with Reyna Thorpe is an enormous bore, he and Blair will only be able to avoid each other for so long until one of them explodes. The Gossip Girl you know and love isn't going away anytime soon. [FabSugar UK]

Lady Gaga's planning to release a new single on Friday, but because she's the master of hype, she's already leaked the cover art. True to form, she looks like a demonic nymph. [AmyGrindhouse]

Sienna Miller and Jude Law have split up (again). I'm guessing that they'll get back together as soon as Sienna realizes that James Franco is unavailable. [DailyStab]

Heidi Montag wants to be on the next season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And she'd be perfect for it, if the Housewives would have her. Bravo, please make it happen! [Starcasm]

Lindsay Lohan was charged with a Grand Theft felony! Charming Lindsay, you're always a delight. [HaveUHeard]

What do you wear to the premiere of Justin Beiber's new movie? If you're as classy as Taylor Momsen, you go in panties, garters, and a corset (obviously). [Earsucker]

Julie Roberts will play the Evil Queen in the upcoming Snow White movie. Eh. Was Helena Bonham Carter busy or something? [AnythingHollywood]