Kat DeLuna Loves Her False Eyelashes: A tFS Video Exclusive

Kat DeLunaKat DeLuna stopped by the Ford Beauty Suite before making her way over to the Elle 360 party to perform her new single, Dancing Tonight, from her sophomore album Inside Out. After getting her brows shaped, DeLuna sat down with TheFashionSpot's Editor-At-Large, Julie Bensman, to chat about her phonemenal false eyelashes ("never leave your house without eyelashes"), personal style ("I love when women can dress it up, but classy"), and her dream man ("whoever I date has to have a sense of humor.")

DeLuna was rocking oversized false eyelashes and had some sound advice for girls that wanted to emulate her look: "You have to know your face as a girl. Go to Sephora or CVS, wherever you feel comfortable, and get five different pairs of eyelashes. Try them on and see what style looks best."


See the full interview below:

Photo by Tim Geaney