Kate Middleton’s Top 10 Pre-Wedding Looks

kate middleton

The world may be fixated on every outfit she wears in public, but Kate Middleton is far from being the most fashion forward Brit – though she does opt for the occasional eye-catching frou frou hat (albeit who, other than those attending a high-brow horse race or say, a royal wedding, would wear one of those?) That said, Middleton’s power is undeniable and just like First Lady Michelle Obama put Jason Wu and Isabel Toledo on people’s radar, the soon-to-be royal has introduced Issa and Reiss to many who may have not previously been familiar with the brands. Better yet, unlike Wu and Toledo, Reiss and Issa can be feasibly purchased by those not on a six-figure-a-year fashion budget, making her influence near-instantly palpable. It’s further impressive that a woman so widely scrutinized is perfectly at ease pulling looks from her own closet even when they date from seasons past. Clearly this is one woman worthy of an US Weekly “Stars: They’re Just Like Us!” headline.

1.  The dress that first caught Prince William’s eye when modeled by the then-student in a charity fashion show at St. Andrews University.

2.  Beaming, Middleton opted for Issa during her official engagement announcement.

3. Showing off one of her signature hats at a wedding early this year.

4. Wide and slanted, it couldn’t have been easy to keep the hat Middleton opted for in place when attending a fall 2010 wedding.

5. Opting for an iconic British brand when visiting City Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Middelton wears a Burberry trench with a frilly twist on the bottom.

6. In Reiss for her official engagement photos.

7. In a Temperley London dress from fall 2009 at a charity event.

8. Smiling in the rain at the Darwen Aldridge Community Academy in England wearing a navy suit.

9. At a charity event in a form-fitting Issa gown.

10. Wearing a casual Reiss coat.