Runway to Real Life: Jessie J in Tom Ford, Rita Ora in Marchesa and More (Forum Buzz)

Jessie J in Julien Macdonald Spring 2014

Image: Joe/WENN.com and IMAXtree

Image: Joe/WENN.com and IMAXtree

Just a couple days later, Jessie J struck out again at the BRIT Awards. This time, she wore a Julien Macdonald one-piece. The clothes and metallic strappy shoes worked well enough, but she had to go ahead and ruin it with some truly terrible lilac lipstick.

“Damn. What is going on with her? That look almost could have worked as well if it wasn't for the lipstick,” LegsXI.

“What the hell is up with Jessie J?" Label Basher asked. "She used to have a bit of an edge with her outfits. You would look at her and they made more sense than what Lady Gaga was wearing. Now she looks tryhard to the max. WTF is that lipstick.”