You Can Now Buy Kylie Jenner Merch, Because of Course

“I’m the Kylie, you’re the Kendall,” reads one of the tees in Kylie Jenner’s upcoming merchandise line. Based on the events of this week, one could read that statement as, “I’m selling lacy thongs, you’re wearing them on the Victoria’s Secret runway.”

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If Kylie has realized anything in 2016, it’s that product with her name attached to it sells, as does concert merch. Given that the youngest Jenner’s talents are better suited to devising Lip Kit shades than belting out tunes on stage, she’s cut out the whole “go on tour” middleman and gone straight to the “sell hoodies featuring your name in a heavy-metal-inspired font” stage of the game.

The pop-culture-powered wares will be available on the makeup mogul’s newest website, The Kylie Shop, starting December 10. At some point in the not-so-distant future, various Jenner-related items will also hit the shelves of Kylie’s mysterious Canoga Park, California pop-up shop…or is it a store?

Kylie Panties

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Highlights from the range include a phone case shouting out “Kylie Jenner Lips” and a shirt that reads “Like, Realizing Stuff,” because King Kylie, like Queen Bey, throws shade at her haters by co-opting their catchphrases. At least two styles of panties will be available — the aforementioned lacy thong and a pair of boy briefs that say “Kylie” in Bieber-slash-Metallica-esque lettering. There will also be dad hats, trucker hats, bomber jackets and a variety of R-rated shirts (natch).

Below, a sneak peak at the upcoming Kylie collection.

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