Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Net Worth Has Reached a New High

Pop goddess Beyoncé and rap legend Jay Z spent the past year doing a lot more than conceiving the world’s most genetically blessed set of twins. (Side note: It’s nearly go time!) Forbes reports that, thanks to Bey’s Lemonade touring and Jay’s recent dealings with Sprint and Live Nation, the Knowles-Carters’ combined net worth has officially passed the billion dollar mark.

According to Forbes’ calculations, national treasure Beyoncé has amassed a personal fortune of $350 million, earning her the 46th spot on its list of America’s Weathiest Self-Made Women, released yesterday. Her hubby, on the other hand, has an estimated worth of $810 million. (Mind-boggling, given that Jay did not spend the greater part of 2016 positively slaying a world tour.) Hova’s earnings stem largely from his streaming service, Tidal — Sprint recently bought a 33 percent stake in the company, to the tune of $200 million. Plus, per a $200 million deal with Live Nation, Jay Z will be hitting the festival circuit hard this summer.

We’ll spare you the math — America’s sweethearts are now worth $1.16 billion and counting. They’ve more than earned their forthcoming maternity and paternity leaves. Meanwhile, Blue is sitting pretty in Gucci dresses that cost more than most people’s monthly rent. Lucky gal.

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[ via Forbes ]