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Spring and Summer are just around the corner.  But more important than the changing of the season is the changing of the seasonal fashion lines. The temperature is almost inconsequential.  Do we care that it’s not yet hot enough to wear a gorgeous tunic dress teamed with Roman Sandals? Not really.

So what does this spring and summer have in store for us? Well, we need only to look to the usual suspects, Kate Moss, Sienna, Micha Barton, and the London/New York catwalk shows to see what this seasons all about: WHITE!

Get a head start with something white, ruffly and clean-cut.  Summer sees some of our favourite looks of the last few months including retro and vintage being swept away, and whatever feels fresh and airy holds sway.

Black dominated winter, so go white for spring.  There was already a nice little cross over between these two juxtapositions via the nautical stripe, which dominated all the shops for a while. Nautical is still retro enough to ease us out of our winter styling, but fresh enough to persuade us that we can go back to brighter, whiter clothes.

Many thought that the gypsy and peasant girl look of last summer had died a death, and that we’d killed it with more ruffly skirts than you could shake a stick thin model at. But this summer has a different take on the look, its still flowy and gypsy but instead of working with skirts we have a new piece: the Dress. Designers have kept the look simple, which explains the renaissance of the dress: in every shape from shift to – newest of all – strapless.

We should embrace the comeback of the dress with open arms, for it can cover a multitude of sins.  Dresses tend to  accentuate the best of a woman’s curves.