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When I shop for makeup, I don’t usually go for brands like Dior, Chanel or Givenchy because they are fashion houses and cosmetics are not really their strength. But after realizing that both of my favourite Fall 08 runway makeup looks are from Chanel beauty, I guess I am proven wrong.

Alberta Ferretti Fall 08

Makeup artist: Peter Phillips, using Chanel beauty products

Practically every model looked like angels in that show. The eyelining is heavy but by toning the rest of the makeup down (pale lips, flawless skin), the look is surprisingly soft. According to Phillips, it is a ‘watered-down sixties look’ and ‘more rock ‘n’ roll than Brigitte Bardot’. This is the kind of look that goes well with the fall season.

Chanel Fall 08

Like the look for Spring/summer 07, the golden eye shadow is simply genius. Not only does it make the models look fresh, it also adds a touch of glamour and sophistication. I like the shade a lot, it’s not too heavy or dramatic but still has right amount of shimmer. You can totally rock it without adding any eyeliner or mascara! A great look for events, parties or whenever I feel like dressing casual-chic.

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