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This season has many prominent trends, but one of the most notable has to be the dramatic collars, which we’re seeing pop up in many of the fall/winter collections.

No stone – or collar – has been left unturned, as the trend ranges from tops to outerwear. An elaborate collar can typically be a great accessory in enhancing an outfit overall; it can bring a stronger silhouette and a more interesting proportion to an otherwise ordinary look.

In the collections this season, we’ve seen them surfacing in a vast array of different interpretations; from low and wide, all the way to tall ones, which actually construct a veritable shield around the face.

Some collections seemed to be partial to the trend, such as Jil Sander.  It consisted of a varied selection of funnel neck jackets; some extending from above, to far below the shoulder, and others which are so high up in the back that they encompass the head.

Despite the stiffness of the fabric, this collection managed to give off a very polished silhouette with clean, yet fluid lines. Maison Martin Margiela also accomplished taking the trend to new heights, in the way only a master of construction like him can.

What we saw there was high, architectural collars, which gave the models an incredible silhouette. Many of the Margiela blazers’ necklines were particularly impressive; they’re constructed away from the body in a way that a lot of skin is still exposed rather than constricting the neck area.

Alternatively, some designers have presented the look by using softer fabrics, which gather around the neck, creating a more cozy effect. A great collar is not only eye-catching, but just as importantly, is also functional. And from high to low, the range of unique interpretations has been nothing short of impressive this season.


Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.