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Messenger bags have long been the default choice for any man in need of carrying several things to the office.

As the market for clothes and accessories for men continues to peak to the sky, designers give birth to new products derived from their female equivalent. Muse bags, similar to shopping bags serve as the perfect bag for women to carry even more dead weight then what’s in their smaller handbags. Now we gents have an opportunity to engage in the same junk-carrying lifestyle as women.

What’s so attractive about muse bags is that it can gulp items of different shapes, unlike messenger bags or portfolios, which tend to get bulky if stuffed with objects which aren’t flat and rectangular.

During spring, big bags come in handy for those who leave their home every morning with an umbrella, a A4 sized note pad, a romantic novel, a Nintendo DS Lite, some free newspapers, a1-litre bottle of Evian water, a Zune/iPod, a piece of fruit, and a wallet.

If that’s in line with what you’re comfortable carrying on a daily basis then here are some lovely bags that should fulfill your needs:

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Attache Case’

A. Testoni

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Muse Bag’

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