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I don’t like sneakers and I don’t like Kool-Aid, and the idea of my feet smelling like a fruit irks me, but I’ve always been a sucker for conversation starting accessories and the cross-branded Kool-Aid/Reebok scented sneaker is such a piece.


The laugh-out-loud ridiculous sneakers, complete with scratch-and-sniff insoles, are inspired by New England Patriots player Laurence Maroney who has gone by the nickname "Kool-Aid." They are in limited-time release (only through spring, so time is running out before you will be relegated to eBay), and are color coordinated to go with the fruits whose smell they match. Instead of smelling like sweat, your feet can now smell like grape, cherry, strawberry, orange, lemon or lime–-not that I know why anyone should want Kool-Aid scented feet.

If the shoes aren’t enough, there is a whole Kool-Aid collection complete with hoodies, t-shirts and hats retailing for $28-$65. The sneakers retail for $45-$75.


Though they are dreadfully unattractive, I could totally see myself rocking these – maybe even going all out with one foot lemon and one foot lime!


You can scoop up The Kool-Aid collection online or at Moe’s Sneaker Spot Inc, Lezmir, Peko Sports Inc, Karmaloop, Sportie LA, City Blue, Shiekh’s, Shoe Mania, and Dr. Jay’s.