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It’s always exciting to see which designers will dive into certain seasonal trends, and to see the final result of exactly how they interpreted and applied the trends to their own personal visions. One of the most prevalent trends on the runway during the recent Fall 2008 shows was the creative use of zippers. Some took the trend more literally than others, while many designers got a bit more experimental with it. This was not only a trend during the women’s collections but also was very prominent in the men’s shows as well. Be it for functional or simply for aesthetic value, many designers took a stab at it. 

A couple of noteworthy men’s collections to feature the trend were Dries Van Noten’s and Damir Doma’s. Dries’, which was primarily a mix of rich-hued, geek chic basics paired with plaid and striped pieces, featured zippers in an interesting way. They appeared at the bottom of loose-fitting trousers, directly up the middle, from knee to ankle.

Doma’s collection also showcased the trend in an eye-catching way. We saw dark and billowy knee length jackets featuring contrasting zippers, which went from top to bottom of the entire garment, either centered vertically or in asymmetrically diagonal lines. Some shorter and more fitted jackets in the collection also featured vertical zippers which were off center to the chest.

Many designers opted for a more functional approach, such as Hussein Chalayan, for example. In his collection, we saw the zippers appearing in a more traditional way. Most were centered, either on dresses or jackets and gave the outfits a streamlined and sleek look.


Possibly the most note-worthy interpretation of this trend took place in Rick Owens’ women’s collection, where we saw the zippers being used to give a great detailing effect. The thoughtful placement of them on the garments made for an attractive contrast of form contouring silver lines within the dramatic, dark silhouettes of the clothing.