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This Spring, when you are cleaning out your closets, don’t stuff that simple plain dress or detail-less shirt in the back just yet, as this is the season to use  simplicity as the perfect canvas to make a statement. No, not a political statement, (you can tune into CSPAN for that), but rather a bold fashion statement that screams “look at me,” but not in a trashy, too-much-skin sort of way. With all of the chunky, funky necklaces and cuffs that were seen on the runway, as well as in many stores, the choices seem limitless.


This unique necklace by Louis Vuitton is like an unexpected merger and acquisition that actually worked. With ten different necklaces tied together and the whimsical owl in the center, it allows your inner child to immerge slightly, but is still grounded by the Grandmotherish pearls and broaches.

The teal bejeweled bow and dangling crystal are a sweet touch, and the off-center placement of this piece prevents it from becoming the sole focus of the necklace. This would look fantastic against the blank canvas of bare skin or resting against a simple white top; a necklace like this is all the adornment you could need for one outfit.


This simple black bib necklace is actually by Forever 21’s “upscale” line, Twelve by Twelve. Forever 21 is notorious for its’ “inspired by” fashions and very low prices, which allows the average fashion consumer to purchase clothing that has a similar design to a runway piece without paying the runway cost. While the quality is obviously not as good as what struts down the runway and hangs in Barneys’ and Bergdorf’s, it is a perfect place to go to for the latest trends without blowing the big bucks. This necklace is only twelve dollars, so if this trend evaporates quickly, you don’t have to worry about having spent more than you can afford.               

For those of you with bulging wallets and golden trust funds, Tom Binns is your go-to guy for statement jewelry. His quirky and unusual pieces cost from the low hundreds to the low thousands of dollars! With his trendy neon accents, clusters of multi-colored crystals, and vintage costume jewelry look, a Tom Binns piece screams statement! His enormous crystal cuffs and necklaces from his Faux Real line are a candy colored confection of ironic bling, but somehow manage not to appear as if they came directly out of a child’s dress-up toy chest. For those of you wanting to express your inner Biker Babe, his Tough Chic line has all the spikes, skulls and screws that can add to your rough-and-tumble, yet approachable look. Even if you can’t afford it, I recommend you save your money for a Tom Binns cuff, like the neon green and crystal one above; I guarantee you will be constantly bombarded with “where ever did you get that?” inquires all night.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind piece that not only will no one else have, but you won’t have to break the bank to purchase? Both of these necklaces can be found on, a website that is filled with handmade art, home goods, jewelry and other wearables. 

The bow necklace is by paraphernalia, and their dark and detailed necklaces run between seventeen and thirty-five dollars. From anatomically correct hearts and skulls to sweet Victorian silhouette drawings, each necklace has as much specific detailing as an Edward Gorey illustration and with a similar smidgen of the macabre as well.

The blue crocheted necklace is made by daintycrochetbyaly, and her pieces cost between eight and thirty dollars. Everything she makes is beautifully crocheted, but this is not your Granny’s typical crochet; each necklace is made up of tiny crocheted circles, various beads and gems, open or closed flowers and other abstract shapes. This necklace is intensely noir, with tiny flowers peering out among a cascade of circles.

So, whether you can drop a few thousand dollars or only ten bucks, there is a statement piece out there for you. And, if you cannot find a statement necklace that wins your heart, try wearing several different necklaces of varying lengths and shapes that you currently own and create your own one-of-a-kind necklace!