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The adorable and extraordinarily talented Alber Elbaz of Lanvin has

just announced a partnership with Acme Jeans, a high-end collaboration between the denim brand and the French ready to wear house. The price point will be expensive and the jeans, I’m certain, will be spectacular, creative, and tailored perfectly. 
The designer promises no skinny styles, telling Vogue UK, "It’s time to go back to a product that has a dream to it. I asked myself, ‘What kind of jeans can I bring that will be a Lanvin jean and Acme spirit infused in one?’"


Seems this creative type is angling to truly mold Lanvin into a luxury brand with a household name and there’s no better time, since Elbaz has elevated the status and notoriety of Lanvin astronomically in past seasons.



Denim, it seems, is becoming more ubiquitous than celebrity fashion lines; from the Spring 2008 Runway to French Vogue spreads, to talks between Hedi Slimane, recently out of a job at Dior Homme, to create a Diesel Red jeans line.


It’s a trend, Elle proclaims in their May pages, but really when was it not?  Except perhaps for the time circa 1999 when everyone only wore tight black pants (thanks, Tom Ford).


Right now though my style impulses are leading me not just to the myriad of jean styles, high-waisted, bell bottom or wide-leg, but toward dresses, vests, jackets…anything cotton that can be dyed with synthetic indigo.


The runway is wrought with inspiration from D&G’s denim waistcoats, Alexander Wang’s cutoff shorts, to Danielle Scutt’s chambre shirt and white jean skirt and Chanel’s denim dresses.



The fabric may be the same, but the looks are as varied as the girls who will wear them. A lightweight chambre evokes days on the French Riviera, while cutoffs recall the Early 1990’s and vests and denim dresses are inspired by a decidedly Bohemian sensibility.


And somehow the denim jacket that’s been relegated to the back of the closet looks relevant again.
Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.