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American Apparel is the California based t-shirt company that made a name for itself with huge provocative billboards that smacked severely of low budget seventies porn. Fashion photographer Terry Richardson must heartily approve!

In recent years, AA stores have popped up everywhere, and as the company has expanded, so has their selection of merchandise.  No longer just about affordable t-shirts, they began offering other basics such as Member’s Only styled jackets and little knit dresses.

But the items that finally got everyone’s attention in a big bad way are the gold and black foil pieces- leggings, bikinis, tube dresses, etc…  Sure, Norma Kamali did it first, way back in the 80’s and with way better quality, but someone born in 1988 or after doesn’t really know or care about that, do they?!  So while fashion editors were photographing the Kamali leggings all over the place, fashionistas across the globe were running to their nearest American Apparel store and frantically placing orders online for some foil!  And that is how the global AA cult was created.

Since then, there have been plenty of other items which have become must-haves for this same trendy fashion set.

If you are a recent convert, here is a short list to get you started.  These are the items that no young fashionista will be able to live without this summer. Get ‘em while the gettin’s good!


Unisex Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck in Grey



New York Fashion Week model wearing under blazer
Elle Magazine editor Kate Lanphear’s layered look
Kate Lanphear in her sweatshirty shirt + guy in deep V



Tri-Blend Light Weight Raglan Pullover
Comes in Grey and Black


Polyester Micro-Fiber Tulip Skirt
Buy it in Black and/or Navy, or maybe Red


Melange Jersey Pocket Skirt

Comes in Asphalt, Black, Navy and Heather Black, or red is good as an additional option.

* Note:  If you are a self-professed addict, then you probably already have one or more of these pieces, but you could always pick up another colour!…

All photos courtesy of and the Fashion Spot forums.