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Summertime typically offers pretty, feminine pieces in layers of pastel colors, florals and happy prints, but sometimes we just aren’t in the mood. Especially when gas prices are at soaring heights, global warming is making our immune systems crash with constant weather changes, and the economy seems to be unraveling before our very eyes.

Thank you Neo Goth! The trend is back for a reason: we’re all a little down, pissed off and looking for change, and this is an expression of revamping and creating a bold new look.

Neo Goth doesn’t necessarily mean black.

Rodarte ‘s deconstructed cocktail dress in red and white juxtaposes old and new with unfinished hems, and ripped tights while maintaining a strength in the hard makeup.

Japanese designer Kamishima Chinami shows a softened look with a sketch bird print dress and black tights.

Bridal designer Vera Wang brings past to present with iridescent layers of taffeta and blackened rose appliqué.

Mui Mui exaggerates a shortened hem in a gothic, girlish mini.

Christian Louboutin accentuates his steel pumps with metal trim.

Expertly done, these designers capture the true meaning of Neo Goth: being cynical about gender roles, contrasting soft and hard and reintroducing the past to the present.

All photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.