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There are few things that can flatter many skin tones and I’ve always counted neons as one of those few. Being very fair skinned and having a penchant for touches of moderate quirkiness, I’ve been adding dashes of neon to my outfits for years.

That said, anything close to a fluorescent color should be worn with a certain level of self-control to avoid looking, as with many runway looks , like one was attacked by a highlighter.

I’m all for some Essie ‘Short Short’ nail polish or an ever-so slightly exposed Deborah Marquit florescent bra, or even neons when they are part of a garment, especially mixed with gray, white or black as in previous Lanvin, Jenni Kayne, and Fendi collections, but I’ve increasingly become dismayed to see this trend take a turn for the worst.


Anything involving head-to-toe neon, fluorescent animal print, matching neon shoes and stockings, or fluorescent velvet of any kind, cheapens even the most stylish of outfits. I’m sad to see that what could be such fun trend, especially for summer and given the long-standing popularity of muted colors, has turned into, now that we’re seeing even neon hoodies and tracksuits. 

Highlighter overkill!


Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.